Atonement Part 1, Chapter 14 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 1, Chapter 14 Summary

Briony’s memories of the interrogation, her signed statement and testimony, and her exclusion from the courthouse during the trial do not bother her as much as her memories of that fateful night. When they arrive back at the house, Lola is the center of all attention; Briony knows this is as it should be. However, once Lola is taken upstairs for the doctor’s examination, the younger girl becomes the star. All eyes are focused on her, and she revels in the attention. When the policemen arrive, they question Briony and she answered everything calmly. She is their only source and this increases her certainty about what she saw. Briony is flanked by her brother and her mother as the inspector and the doctor arrive and complete...

(The entire section is 1133 words.)