Atonement Part 1, Chapter 12 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 1, Chapter 12 Summary

Though the rest of the household leaves to search for the missing twins, Emily stays behind in the empty mansion. She considers calling the local constable but does not want to speak to his garrulous wife and figures by the time a search party is gathered, the boys will have returned. Instead, she thinks about her wayward sister Hermione, and Hermione’s daughter Lola. When Emily had gone to Lola after dinner to assess her injuries, a wave of resentment had emanated from the girl, causing Emily to fuss over her even more in an attempt to hide it. While the injuries were real, Emily was once again in the position of relinquishing the spotlight to another, just as all the attention used to go to Hermione. When Briony wanted to open...

(The entire section is 834 words.)