Atonement Part 1, Chapter 11 Summary

Ian McEwan

Part 1, Chapter 11 Summary

The dining room is suffocating with trapped heat and accumulated dust. Paul’s chocolate-infused drinks are nauseating, as is the thought of eating hot roast beef in this airless room. Emily Tallis seats each guest as they enter. Robbie is discomfited by the entire proceeding and finds himself sitting next to Cecilia. There is no small talk without Jack Tallis in attendance, as Emily neither knows how or cares to try. The meal is served in virtual silence by a mumbling Betty. Cecilia, Robbie and Briony are all in turmoil over the events of the past few minutes. Lola is distraught, as well, probably over the abuse she suffered from her brothers. Nevertheless, they are all sitting quietly and in a composed manner. Finally, Paul...

(The entire section is 1175 words.)