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Dagny Taggart

Dagny Taggart, the head of operations of Taggart Transcontinental, a railroad company. She is described as beautiful, but with a face that is too cold and eyes that are too intense. Her brother, James Taggart, accuses her of having no feelings. Dagny is willing to tell people what to do and to take responsibility, qualities that become important as society collapses during the course of the story.

James Taggart

James Taggart, her brother, who recently has become president of Taggart Transcontinental. He is thirty-nine years old but appears to be fifty. James is concerned about social responsibilities, both his own and those of others.

Henry (Hank) Rearden

Henry (Hank) Rearden, a steel magnate. He is forty-five years old and has been told that his face is ugly because it is unyielding and is cruel because it is expressionless. Like Dagny, he does not feel pity. Hank admires Dagny and enjoys competing with her concerning the prices they charge each other. After the successful first run of the John Galt Line, they become lovers.

Lillian Rearden

Lillian Rearden, Hank’s wife. She is beautiful but disappointing because of her eyes, which are vaguely pale, neither gray nor quite brown, and empty of expression. She tells Hank that it is egotistical for him to believe in right versus wrong because no one can know what is right.


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The main character of the work is Dagny Taggart, vice president of Taggart Transcontinental Railroad. She is one of the producers, one of the...

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