Atlas Shrugged Part 3, Chapter 2 Summary

Ayn Rand

Part 3, Chapter 2 Summary

The next morning, as Dagny is cooking breakfast and John Galt is out checking on the ray screen, a stunningly beautiful man bursts in the door. He stops when he sees Dagny but expresses his pleasure that she has decided to join them. She explains that she is a “scab,” meaning that she is there but does not belong. He tells her that he has been watching her progress for some years. When John Galt returns, he introduces the man to her as Ragnar Danneskjold. Dagny is shocked to face the infamous pirate in person, but he explains that he has only stolen from those who steal from others. He tells her that the others in the valley (known usually as Galt’s Gulch) do not approve of his means of protest. He tells Dagny that he has a...

(The entire section is 512 words.)