The Aspern Papers Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapter 8 Summary and Analysis

A few hours later, Miss Tina appears at the narrator’s door, announcing that her aunt is dying. She pleads for him to go find a doctor, as the maid has gone in search of one but has not returned. Not wanting to leave, he sends his servant instead. Miss Tina informs him that she hopes he will not believe that she is feigning illness and wanting to know what he had done to her to bring on this state. He resents the insinuation, since it was a result by her own actions.

The two go into the bedroom and the narrator learns that her eyes are covered with a bit of lace. He asks Miss Tina if she has covered them to preserve them, but she states that they are no longer the eyes made famous by...

(The entire section is 939 words.)