If I Asked You, Would You Stay? Critical Context - Essay

Eve Bunting

Critical Context

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Through realistic fiction, readers can identify with characters, try on different roles and identities, and live in a vicarious world. This world may include adventures and experiences that readers ponder but never actually experience. This important genre allows readers to see that their lives and problems are not unique. Through books, young people can become responsible decision makers. Through her rich characterizations and a smooth writing style, Eve Bunting has the power to transport readers into another person’s thought and feelings.

Through her young adult novels and picture books, Bunting relentlessly confronts social issues. Keen understanding and compassion permeate her more than 150 books. Whether dealing with deep subjects such as the death of a friend in The Empty Window (1980), urban violence in Smoky Night (1994), and the Holocaust in Terrible Things (1980), or with lighter adventures, such as quests and ghost stories, Eve Bunting is the consummate storyteller. Her books will endure and leave a profound mark on society and the literary world.