Act V Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How old is William?

2. What does Touchstone threaten to do if William does not relinquish his claim to Audrey?

3. Who does Oliver fall in love with?

4. When does Oliver plan to be married?

5. When does Touchstone tell Audrey they will be married?

6. Who delivers the news of Duke Frederick's conversion?

7. Who was responsible for Duke Frederick's sudden change of heart?

8. Who does Duke Senior name as heir to his newly restored dukedom?

9. What reason does Jaques give for departing the wedding festivities?

10. Who speaks the epilogue of the play?

1. William tells Touchstone he is twenty-five.

2. Touchstone claims he will kill William "a hundred and fifty ways."

3. Oliver falls in love with Celia in her Aliena disguise.

4. Orlando tells Oliver that the wedding will take place the next day.

5. Touchstone tells Audrey that they, too, will be married the next day.

6. Jaques de Boys, the second son of the late Sir Rowland, delivers the news of Duke Frederick's miraculous conversion.

7. Duke Frederick abandoned his plan to capture and kill his brother after meeting "an old religious man" on the outskirts of the forest.

8. Duke Senior names Orlando as his heir.

9. Jaques tells Duke Senior, "I am for other than for dancing measures."

10. Rosalind speaks the epilogue.

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