Act IV Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Rosalind's response when Orlando fears "her frown might kill" him?

2. Who performs the mock wedding ceremony between Rosalind and Orlando?

3. How long does Orlando say he will be gone before he returns to Rosalind?

4. What excuse does Orlando give for leaving?

5. What question does Jaques ask the Lords he meets in the forest?

6. What did Orlando ask Oliver to bring to Ganymede?

7. Which two animals threatened Oliver while he slept beneath a tree?

8. What wound did Orlando receive while defending his brother?

9. What is Rosalind's response when she hears that Orlando has been injured?

10. Where does Rosalind say she would like to be after she recovers?

1. Rosalind, as Ganymede, tells Orlando that his Rosalind "would not kill a fly."

2. Celia performs the mock wedding ceremony.

3. Orlando says he will be gone for two hours.

4. Orlando tells Rosalind he must leave to "attend the Duke at dinner."

5. Jaques asks the Lords which of them has killed the deer they are bearing to the Duke.

6. Orlando asked Oliver to bring Ganymede a handkerchief soaked with his blood.

7. Oliver was threatened by a "green and gilded snake" and a lioness.

8. Orlando had flesh torn away on his arm while battling the lioness.

9. When Rosalind learns that Orlando has been injured, she faints.

10. When she regains consciousness, Rosalind comments, "I would I were at home."

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