Act III Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What penalty will Oliver face if he fails to find Orlando within a year?

2. What does Orlando do with the love poems he has written to Rosalind?

3. Where does Celia tell Rosalind she saw Orlando?

4. Where does Orlando tell Jaques he can find a fool?

5. What names do Jaques and Orlando call each other when they part?

6. What excuse does Rosalind make when Orlando comments that her accent seems "something finer" than one might expect of a native of the forest?

7. Why does Touchstone prefer to be married by Sir Oliver Martext rather than "a good priest?"

8. What did Ganymede tell Duke Senior when the Duke asked about her parentage?

9. How do we know that Phebe has fallen in love with Rosalind in her Ganymede disguise?

10. What message does Phebe plan to deliver to Ganymede and who will deliver it?

1. Duke Frederick tells Oliver that if he fails to find Orlando within a year, he will forfeit his lands and goods.

2. Orlando hangs the love poems he has written to Rosalind on trees in the Forest of Arden.

3. Celia tells Rosalind that she saw Orlando "under a tree, like a dropped acorn."

4. Orlando tells Jaques to look in the brook if he is seeking a fool, for there he will see his own reflection.

5. Jaques calls Orlando "Signior Love." Orlando calls Jaques "Monsieur Melancholy."

6. Rosalind tells Orlando that "an old religious uncle" of hers, in his youth a city man, had taught her how to speak.

7. Touchstone prefers to be married by Sir Oliver Martext because he believes that the marriage might not be legal, thus leaving him free to eventually abandon his wife.

8. When Duke Senior, not recognizing his daughter in her disguise, inquired of Rosalind's parentage, she told him her parentage was "as good as he."

9. We know that Phebe has fallen in love with Ganymede when she comments after Rosalind's exit, "Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?"

10. Phebe plans to write a "taunting letter" to Ganymede for scorning her. She asks Silvius to deliver the letter, and he agrees.

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