Act II Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Which two characters express sorrow about the killing of deer in the Forest of Arden?

2. Who is the source of the rumor that Orlando may be in the company of Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone?

3. Why does Adam urge Orlando to avoid his brother's house?

4. Why does Orlando initially refuse to leave?

5. Which three items of property does Rosalind agree to purchase from Corin's employer?

6. What reason does Jaques give for avoiding Duke Senior?

7. Why does Orlando leave Adam in the forest?

8. Which character from the court does Jaques tell Duke Senior he met in the forest?

9. What reasons does Orlando give for confronting Duke Senior and his courtiers with his sword drawn?

10. How does Duke Senior know that Orlando is the son of his former friend and ally, the late Sir Rowland de Boys?

1. Duke Senior remarks that "it irks me that the poor dappled fools... Should in their own confines... have their round haunches gored." We also learn that "the melancholy Jaques grieves at that."

2. Hisperia, Celia's waiting gentlewoman, reported that, she believed Orlando had accompanied Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone when they left the court.

3. Adam urges Orlando to leave Oliver's house because Oliver plans to burn Orlando's lodgings while he is asleep. He also tells Orlando that if this plan fails, Oliver will resort to other treacherous means to kill his brother.

4. Orlando initially refuses to leave because he believes he will be reduced to begging, or that he will be forced to become a thief.

5. Rosalind agrees to purchase a cottage, a flock of sheep, and the pasture land where the sheep graze.

6. Jaques tells Amiens that he is avoiding Duke Senior because "He is too disreputable for my company" 52 As You Like It

7. Orlando leaves Adam in the forest because he is too weak with hunger to accompany Orlando while he searches for food.

8. Jaques tells Duke Senior that he met Touchstone in the forest.

9. Orlando remarks that he is famished, and he tells Duke Senior, "I thought that all things had been savage here,/ And therefore put I on the countenance/ Of stern commandment."

10. Duke Senior knows that Orlando is the son of the late Sir Rowland de Boys because Orlando has "whispered faithfully" that he was. Duke Senior has also noticed that Orlando's face bears a strong resemblance to his father's.

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