Act II, Scene 5

New Character
Jacques: a melancholy philosopher who resides with Duke Senior in the Forest of Arden

This scene is set in a clearing in the Forest Arden. Ainiens, one of Duke Senior's courtiers, sings a ballad that celebrates the pastoral life. When Amiens concludes his song, Jaques asks for more. Arniens protests that the music will make Jaques melancholy, but Jaques retorts, "I can suck melancholy out of a song as a weasel sucks eggs. More, I prithee, more/ " Jaques persists, and finally Amiens agrees to sing another verse. Amiens tells Jaques that Duke Senior has been looking for him, but Jaques replies that he has been deliberately avoiding the Duke. Amiens sings...

(The entire section is 490 words.)