Act II, Scene 4

New Characters
Corin: an old shepherd who dwells near the Forest of Arden

Silvius: a young shepherd who is in love with Phebe, a shepherdess

Rosalind and Celia, now disguised as Ganymede, a young man, and Aliena, a peasant girl, arrive in the Forest of Arden along with Touchstone. All three are weary in body and spirit after their long journey. As they rest, Corin, an old shepherd, and Silvius, a young shepherd, enter. Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone overhear their conversation. Silvius sighs that he is hopelessly in love with Phebe, a disdainful shepherdess who has spurned his affections. Corin offers his advice. He assures Silvius that in his younger...

(The entire section is 773 words.)