As I Lay Dying Unit 5 Questions and Answers
by William Faulkner

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Unit 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who tries to stop Jewel from returning to the burning barn to save Addie?

2. What is Peabody’s reaction when he sees Cash’s leg in the cement cast?

3. What reactions does the wagon get as it approaches the town of Jefferson?

4. When Anse criticizes Darl’s suggestion that they go to the hardware store to buy spades with which to dig Addie’s grave, what does Darl reply?

5. What does Jewel suggest they do with Darl before the authorities come to get him?

6. How many days has it been between Addie’s death and her burial?

7. Why was Cash surprised that Dewey Dell turned Darl in to the authorities?

8. What is Cash’s response when Darl, restrained by the officials from Jackson, asks him, “Do you want me to go?”?

9. When Anse tries to take the ten dollars from Dewey Dell, to whom does she say the money belongs?

10. What is Cash’s reaction upon being introduced to the new Mrs. Bundren?

1. Jewel shakes him off when Darl grasps at his arm and tells him not to go back in. When Gillespie tries to stop Jewel from going back into the barn, Jewel knocks him down.

2. Peabody is appalled by what Anse has done to Cash’s leg. He tells Cash that Anse should have cured it by sticking it into the saw at the sawmill and said, “Then you all could have stuck his head into the saw and cured a whole family.”

3. Cars slow down on the road to stare at the wagon. People who live in the cabins come out, white-eyed, to watch them pass. Some negroes on the road turn in disgust and outrage at the smell coming from the wagon. A white man, walking ahead of the negroes, nearly gets into a fight with Jewel for staring at the wagon. At the town square, heads turn with disgust as they pass by.

4. Anse says that it will cost money, to which Darl, sarcastically replies, “Do you begrudge her it?” He is echoing the line which Anse has used throughout the journey to Jefferson, “I wouldn’t begrudge her it,” to show Anse for the hypocrite that he is.

5. Jewel says they should...

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