As I Lay Dying Unit 3 Questions and Answers
by William Faulkner

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Unit 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why won’t the Bundrens accept food or decent shelter from Samson?

2. What does Samson consider to be the way to show respect to Addie?

3. What does the buzzard in the barn remind Samson of?

4. Who decides that they will cross the river?

5. Why didn’t they get a doctor for Jewel when they thought he was sick years ago?

6. Why did Cash hope that Jewel was not having an affair with a married woman?

7. Who followed Jewel to find out where he was spending all of his time?

8. Why was Tull so intent on getting Cash out of the river?

9. What happens to the Bundren’s team of mules?

10. How does Darl describe the coldness of the river?

1. Anse repeats that they do not want to be “beholden” to anyone. Nonetheless, though he declines hospitality, he manages to get favors from people because he whines, complains, and wears a “hang dog” look which elicits their sympathy.

2. He says the best way to show respect to a woman who has been dead four days is to get her buried as soon as possible.

3. He says the buzzard looks just like a “spraddle-legged” and “old bald-headed” man as it exits the barn, looking back over its shoulder.

4. Cash and Jewel make the decision to go forward and cross the river.

5. Anse didn’t want to spend the money and said it was not necessary.

6. Cash felt that a young fellow should not waste his youth on someone or something which was safe; but, he should save it for something newer, better, and brighter.

7. Cash followed Jewel and discovered that he had been working nights, clearing a field for Quick.

8. Cash did not know how to swim.

9. The mules, caught in the harness and reins, are tied to the wagon and drown in the river.

10. He says it feels “like hands molding and prodding at the very bones.”