As I Lay Dying Unit 2 Questions and Answers
by William Faulkner

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Unit 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Peabody’s team of horses get chased away from the Bundren farm?

2. How did Lafe respond when Dewey Dell told him she was pregnant?

3. How do Cora and Vernon Tull discover that Addie has died?

4. Before boring the holes in the coffin, how else does Vardaman attempt to provide his dead mother with air?

5. Why does Armstid suggest Anse bury Addie in New Hope?

6. Why does Cash walk with a limp?

7. According to Cora, what reward has Addie finally received?

8. Why does Cash take his tools with him on the trip to Jefferson?

9. What other indication does Darl give that he knows Dewey Dell is pregnant?

10. Why does Anse claim to be “the chosen of the Lord”?

1. Vardaman has struck at the horses in retaliation and chases them away, because he feels Peabody is somehow to blame for his mother’s death.

2. Lafe told her that he was more worried than she was. He gave her money to buy some medicine which would cause an abortion.

3. Peabody’s team appears, followed by Vardaman. The boy is soaking wet and incoherent, and the Tulls realize that Addie must have died.

4. Vardaman sneaks into his mother’s room and keeps opening up the windows by her deathbed.

5. The storm is going to wash out the bridge to Jefferson, and the family would not get through without taking more time and effort.

6. Cash broke his leg when he fell more than 28 feet from a church roof on which he had been working.

7. Cora says of Addie, “Wherever she went [when she died], she has her reward in being free of Anse Bundren.”

8. He plans to stop off at the Tulls’ home on the return trip in order to repair the Tull’s roof.

9. When Dewey Dell steps into the wagon to go to Jefferson, Darl notes that her dress is beginning to get tight.

10. Anse, who believes that he suffers more misfortunes than anyone, also believes that the Lord chastises those that He loves.