Addie Bundren

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The family matriarch, Addie is Anse's wife and the mother of the Bundren children. She dies early in the book from a lingering illness, and...

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Anse Bundren

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Anse is the patriarch of the Bundren family. A selfish and lazy man, he claims sweat will kill him, and therefore refuses to work. Instead,...

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Cash Bundren

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The oldest son of Anse and Addie, Cash is a carpenter of extraordinary precision and skill. As his mother is dying, he carefully builds her...

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Darl Bundren

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The second of the Bundren children, Darl is a veteran of World War I. He narrates more sections of the book than any other character. He is...

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Dewey Dell Bundren

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Seventeen years old, Dewey Dell is the only daughter of the Bundren family. Like Darl and Vardaman, she feels rejected by her mother, Addie....

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Jewel Bundren

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Jewel, in his late teens, is Addie's third son and her favorite child. The product of her affair with Reverend Whitfield, Jewel does not know...

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Vardaman Bundren

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Vardaman is the youngest Bundren child. He cannot fully comprehend the reality of his mother's death. At first, he blames Dr. Peabody for...

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Other Characters

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A local farmer, Armstid provides shelter for the Bundren family after their disastrous river crossing. He...

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Characters Developed

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Much like the Compsons of The Sound and the Fury or the Sutpens of Absalom, Absalom, As I Lay Dying presents a family portrait of...

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