Unit 4 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lula: Armstid’s wife

Snopes: a horsetrader; nephew to Flem; sold new mules to the Bundrens after theirs drown

Eustace Grimm: a man who works for Snopes

Moseley: pharmacist in the town of Mottson

Albert: Moseley’s assistant

The Marshal: nameless marshal for the town of Mottson

Suratt: a man who had a talking machine to sell

Grummet: owner of the hardware store in Mottson

Cora relates discussions she had with Addie about sin and salvation. Cora says Addie was never really religious, not even after Brother Whitfield tried so hard to save her soul. Though Addie insists...

(The entire section is 2328 words.)