Unit 1 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Darl Bundren: main narrator; second son of Addie and Anse Bundren

Cora Tull: religious neighbor of the Bundrens, at the house for Addie’s “passing”

Kate: another neighbor and a friend of Cora Tull’s

Eula: another visitor and friend of Cora Tull’s

Miss Lawington: friend of Cora Tull’s; Cora mentions that this woman has given her advice on what type of chickens to breed and where she might sell her cakes for pocket money

Jewel Bundren: Addie’s third son

Dewey Dell: only daughter of Anse and Addie Bundren; she is quiet and sullen

Vernon Tull: Cora Tull’s husband; closest thing to a friend the...

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