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Though Pollock started out as a comparatively conventional artist, he became world renowned in the 1950s as the leading painter of the abstract expressionist movement.

He was the innovator of what became known as the "drip and splash" technique. It involved Pollock lying the canvas on the floor, standing over it with his brush, and dripping paint all over it. He would also use knives and sticks to brush or smear the paint, and add depth to his work. The idea was for him to create a work free from the confines of human consciousness.

As he stated:

Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.

At the height of his fame, Pollock was recognized as arguably the most popular commercial and critical artist in the world. Most importantly, he was seen as the first American artist to bring European modernism into the American mainstream.

Some of Jackson Pollock's most famous works include The Deep, Number 5, Mural On Indian Red Ground, Autumn Rhythm, and Blue Poles.

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