Who is the greatest Superhero?

Man... I'm going to have to go with Batman. The tech, the car, the villians, his deep philosophical beliefs and moral, it's all fantastic. Some of his greatest incarnations are the Adam West period and of course Christopher Nolan's amazing version of Batman along with Christian Bale.

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I think if you are talking about the greatest hero in terms of superpowers, I would choose Superman.  He can fly, and he is super strong.  He also seems to have a very strong person sense of justice, but I guess all supers do.

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I'll agree. In my opinion, Batman is the hero with the most successful franchise in terms of stories, representation on television and representation in film. 

But, if we also talk about who we like best as a "superhero concept", I'd add in Superman. Though the Superman movies were good, the best of them are not as good as the best Batman movies. The same goes for the comic books (in my, limited, opinion). Yet, Superman just has so much potential. He's got a great back story, amazing abilities, and a nice cover persona.

Clark Kent is a pretty great alter ego.

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