What is the most effective/easiest way to learn how to draw professionally?

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By definition, no art pursuit is easy. If art were easy, then it would not be important in our society. Think about it this way: no one thinks that tying one's shoelaces is anything special because most people can do it pretty easily. We enjoy the arts precisely because we know from experience how challenging art can be. We enjoy professional sports for the same reason. It's a joy to watch a talented athlete or look at Da Vinci's drawings. 

There is a way in which drawing can feel easy some of the time, however, and that is to have a complete passion for doing it. People who have a passion for their art are much more willing to sit down and do the practicing it takes in order to master that art. They enjoy the process of doing something and then analyzing it to see what they could do better the next time. They love learning about techniques and then drawing and drawing and drawing to perfect those techniques. They spend many of their waking hours thinking about art. 

If you feel this way about drawing, take some classes with increasingly talented teachers. Read books about drawing, go to museums to see original art works, peruse the art you cannot get to via books and internet, and practice. Be in it for the long run, and you will definitely improve.

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