What are Maya Ying Lin's artworks about?

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Maya Ying Lin is an American sculptor and architect who is well known for outdoor installations. She lives in New York. Linn was born and raised in the US, where her parents relocated from China.

Lin was catapulted to fame when her design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall was chosen; she was a 21-year-old college student at the time, and it was her first major commission. Her original design of a stone wall with names etched into it was so controversial that a realistic statue of soldiers was added at one end.

"Groundswell," created specifically for a cultural center in Ohio, incorporates broken glass into an earth installation, echoing Native American mounds located throughout Ohio (the state where she grew up).

Other significant works include three earth "wavefields": one on the University of Michigan campus, one in Miami, and the third at the Storm King Art Center in New York. "Water Line," a metal mesh rendering of underwater topography, was her first work in a traditional museum exhibition.

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