Is this an International site where I can access information relevant to the Standard English course or any other of my HSC courses in Australia?

I am studying "Run Lola Run"- Movie, The Man with 5 children- Play, The Curious incident of the dog in the night time- Book for my HSC standard English course in Australia. I am new to this site and cant find any relevant information for these topics.

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While eNotes does have some groups devoted to film, Run Lola Run doesn't appear to be among them. Examples of films that are in the eNotes Q & A, Study Guides and Group databases are: Schlindler's List; Old Yeller; I, Robot; Girl with a Pearl Earring; Sense & Sensibility; The Da Vinci Code; Oliver Twist; Henry VIII; Fiddler on the Roof; The Manchurian Candidate; and Harvey.

The eNotes database of groups pertaining to films is much smaller than that pertaining to literature. I'd suggest that you peruse the Film Group list for yourself (link below) and pick a film group that is the closest to Run Lola Run and ask a specific question regarding the film in there. There may be someone versed in that film even though it doesn't have a dedicated group.

As to The Man with Five Children, I suggest you post a specific question pertaining to the play in the Literature/Plays group(s), which is where a knowledgeable person will see it best and pick it up. Likewise, a specific question pertaining to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Benjamin Button's dog?) will also reap the best results if placed in the Literature Group.

Links to the various Group Indexes are included below. Good question asking to you!

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