Can you suggest a topic for a research paper regarding something Islamic and researchable in the arts?

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I cannot not pretend to know a great deal about the nation or religion of Islam. However, if I were to study such an ancient culture, I believe, in the arts, that I might look to art, or music, but I might be most interested  in their poetry, if that falls within your potential choices.

I love the art and music of other cultures, as I find they cross cultural and language boundaries as few other things can. Since I teach English, and love poetry (which I did not when I was in school), I love seeing what people do with words—of course, these would have to be translations.

There should be a great deal of information that relates to the kinds of art that are prevalent in the Islamic culture, including forms (sculpture, painting, etc.), as well as tools and paints, dyes, etc. The history of art would be fascinating and very old. Music should also provide a great deal to work from, including not only songs, but the instruments used, and how they have been made over the years, and from what materials. Influences over the years by interactions with other cultures would be very interesting with both music and art.

The writing (poetry) might be difficult if there is not enough translated, but in this day and age, I would be surprised if that were the case. It would be interesting to see how writing has changed over the years, and how it has been affected by other cultures.

I hope this provides you with some ideas. They all should fit your parameters.

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