Literary Techniques

Like A Pale View of Hills, this novel is driven by the memory of a narrator thinking back over his life, but there are several differences in...

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An Artist of the Floating World Ideas for Group Discussions

Since Ishiguro's novels are often elliptical and require close reading, attention should be paid to even the most insignificant details and...

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An Artist of the Floating World Social Concerns

Masuji Ono, the narrator of this novel, allowed his artistic talents to be used in support of the imperialistic goals of the Japanese...

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An Artist of the Floating World Literary Precedents

With Ono's narration, Ishiguro again employs a character sifting through the facts of his life to reach an answer, a mainstay of a great deal...

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An Artist of the Floating World Related Titles

An Artist of the Floating World, like A Pale View of Hills and The Remains of the Day (1989) examines the themes of loyalty, blind obedience,...

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An Artist of the Floating World Bibliography

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