Arthur Schnitzler Dream Story Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Short Story Criticism)

Traumnovelle [Rhapsody: A Dream Novel; also translated as Dream Story] 1926

*Viennese Novelettes 1931

The Little Comedy, and Other Stories 1977

Arthur Schnitzler: Plays and Stories 1982

Illusion and Reality: Plays and Stories, 1986

Night Games and Other Stories and Novellas [translated by Margret Schaefer] 2001

Das Abenteuer seines Lebens [The Adventure of His Life] (play) 1891

Anatol [Anatol: A Sequence of Dialogues; also translated as The Affairs of Anatol] (play) 1893

Das Märchen (play) 1893

Liebelei [Light-o'-Love; also translated as Playing with Love; as Love Games; as Flirtations; and as Dalliance] (play) 1895

Freiwild [Free Game] (play) 1897

Das Vermächtnis [The Legacy] (play) 1897

Der grüne Kakadu, Paracelsus, Die Gefährtin: Drei Einakter[The Green Cuckatoo and Other Plays; also translated as The Duke and the Actress] (plays) 1899

Reigen: Zehn Dialoge, geschrieben Winter 1896/97 [Hands Around: A Cycle of Ten Dialogues; also translated as Couples; as Merry-Go-Round; as La Ronde; as...

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