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Among his nonfiction works, Arthur Koestler (KEHST-luhr) published four autobiographical volumes—Spanish Testament (1937), later abridged as Dialogue with Death (1942); Scum of the Earth (1941); Arrow in the Blue: The First Volume of an Autobiography, 1905-1931 (1952); and The Invisible Writing: The Second Volume of an Autobiography, 1932-1940 (1954)—as well as an autobiographical essay on his disillusionment with Communism found in The God That Failed (1950), edited by Richard Crossman and with additional essays by Richard Wright, Ignazio Silone, Stephen Spender, Louis Fischer, and André Gide. Koestler’s nonfiction works exceed twenty-five volumes, divided roughly between social-historical commentary and the history of science. He also wrote one play, Twilight Bar: An Escapade in Four Acts (pb. 1945). Koestler’s first five novels, along with most of his other books, have been reissued in the Danube edition, published in England by Hutchinson and in the United States by Macmillan.