Arthur Golding Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

A Briefe Treatise Concerning the Burnynge of Bucer and Phagius, at Cambrydge [translator; by Conradus Hubertus] (essay) 1562

The Historie of Leonard Aretine, Concerning the Warres between the Imperialles and the Gothes for the Possession of Italy [translator; by Leonardo Bruni] (history) 1563

Abridgment of the Histories of Trogus Pompeius Collected by Justine [translator; by Gnaeus Pompeius Trogus] (history) 1564

The Eyght Bookes of Caius Julius Caesar Conteyning His Martiall Exploytes in Gallia [translator; from Caesar's Gallic Wars] (history) 1565

The Fyrst Fower Bookes of P. Ovidius Nasos Worke, Intitled Metamorphosis [translator; from Ovid's Metamorphoses] (poetry) 1565

The XV Bookes of P. Ovidius Nasos Worke, Intitled Metamorphosis [translator; from Ovid's Metamorphoses] (poetry) 1567

A Little Booke … Concernynge Offences [translator; from John Calvin's Offences] (essay) 1567

The Psalmes of David and Others. With J. Calvins Commentaries [translator; from John Calvin's Psalms] (psalms) 1571

A Brief Discourse of the Late Murther of Master G. Saunders (nonfiction) 1573

A Catholike Exposition upon the Revelation of Saint John [translator; by Augustine Marlorat] (essay) 1574

Sermons … upon the Booke of Job [translator; from John Calvin's sermons] (sermons) 1574

Sermons … upon the Epistle to the Galathians [translator; from John Calvin's sermons] (sermons) 1574

The Sermons of M. John Calvin, upon the Epistle too the Ephesians [translator; from John Calvin's sermons] (sermons) 1577

A Discourse upon the Earthquake That Hapned the Sixt of Aprill (nonfiction) 1580

The Sermons of M. John Calvin upon Deuteronomie: Gathered as He Preached Them (by D. Raguenier) [translator; from John Calvin's sermons] (sermons) 1583

A Woorke Concerning the Trewness of the Christian Religion. Begunne to Be Translated by Sir P. Sidney and Finished by A. Golding [translator; by Philippe de Mornay] (fables) 1587

Politicke, Moral, and Martial Discourses [translator; by Jacques Hurault] (discourses) 1595

An Epitome of Frossard; Or, A Summarie Collection [translator; by Jean Froissart] (history) 1608

Arthur Golding's A Morall Fabletalke: An Annotated Edition [translator; from Arnold Freitag's Mythologia Ethica edited by Nor Rooche Field] (fables) 1979

Ovid's Metamorphoses: The Arthur Golding Translation of 1567 [edited by Jonathan Bate] (poetry) 2000