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Artamène, in reality Cyrus the Great, the son of the king of Persia. Given as a child to a shepherd to be killed because of an ill omen, the boy is reared by the shepherd. As Artamène, he becomes a great general. He falls in love with Mandane, a beautiful princess, and, along with numerous others, pursues her endlessly and against great odds. After conquering many of the kingdoms of Asia while in pursuit of Mandane, Artamène finds his princess still alive and safe, and they are wed.


Cyaxares (si-AK-suh-reez), king of Cappadocia and Media. Artamène becomes his best general and falls in love with his daughter.


Mandane, the daughter of King Cyaxares. Her hand is sought by numerous kings and princes, but she loves only Artamène. She is the object of the Queen of Scythia’s jealousy. When captured by the queen, she is marked for murder; by mistake, a maid of honor is killed in her place. Rescued by Artamène, she marries him at last.


Philidaspes, king of Assyria, who is in love with Mandane. He abducts her and takes her to Babylon but there loses her to a rival.


Mazare, the prince of Sacia, who also loves Mandane. While Philidaspes is locked in a tower, Mazare takes Mandane away.

The King of Pontus

The King of Pontus, also in...

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