The Art of Ancient Greece Critical Context - Essay

Shirley Glubok

Critical Context

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Since its initial publication in 1963, The Art of Ancient Greece has been firmly established as an important and comprehensive introduction to the subject matter for young readers. Shirley Glubok’s book successfully makes difficult concepts accessible, provides a solid overview of the issues, and balances the concerns of both art and culture. It thereby provides a means for a young reader to approach ancient Greece within its cultural context. The book also explores the surviving influence of ancient Greek culture.

Glubok’s other works include a series of introductory art books for young readers. Other topics include the art of ancient Egypt, the lands of the Bible, ancient Rome, Africa, Inuits, and North and Central American Indians. Glubok’s books stem from her own training in archaeology and her experience as a teacher of children.

Although there is some necessary nudity in The Art of Ancient Greece, the minor amount should not discourage a younger audience. For an attentive reader, Glubok’s work suggests discussion on many subjects, including polytheistic religion, slavery, military service, and rituals of death and burial. These issues, as well as the sheer prominence and influence of ancient Greek art, introduce a beautiful and sometimes mysterious world that young readers would no doubt find rewarding to explore.