In "Arrow of God", does Ezeulu or any other character experience internal conflict?

Expert Answers

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Yes, Ezeulu does have an internal conflict, and this inner struggle becomes worse as the novel progresses. Ezeulu is responsible for both the physical and spiritual needs of his people as the interpreter of Ulu's will. He struggles to decide what the extent of his power should be, and he allows his love of power to overcome his responsibilities to his people. When his favorite son dies, he goes mad, losing his struggle in the end.

Most of the native people suffer an internal struggle between their traditional ways of life and the Christian life offered to them by the missionaries. Some believe that Obika, Ezeulu's second son, drinks because of the British colonialism that imposes its laws upon the natives. Obika is also an angry young man who is beaten because of his insolence while he's working on the road.

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