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Around the World in Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

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What does Mr. Fix acquire in Yokohama in Around the World in Eighty Days?

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In Yokohama, Mr. Fix finally gets the warrant of arrest he has been seeking for Phileas Fogg.

Mr. Fix, a detective, is convinced that Fogg is a wanted bank robber, and has been pursuing him around the world.  He had sought to secure a warrant of arrest for the perceived fugitive, but had been having trouble getting it.  Finally, upon reaching Yokohama, Fix goes straight to the English consulate, where he finds that the desired warrant has caught up to him at last.  The warrant had apparently followed him on his travels from Bombay, and had been transported on the Carnatic, the very steamer on which he himself was supposed to have been.

Unfortunately for Mr. Fix, the object of his pursuit is no longer on English territory, so the warrant is useless.  Now, instead of a warrant of arrest, Fix would need an order of extradition to effect his objective.  Upon recollection, however, Fix calculates that Fogg would soon be returning to English ground.  Henceforth, Fix's approach to his problem would be different.  Whereas previously he had been doing everything in his power to hinder his objective's progress, trying to keep him under English jurisdiction, now he would do as much as he could to keep obstacles out of Fogg's way, so that he would return to English territory as soon as possible (Chapter 24).

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