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Around the World in Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

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Student Question

Under what circumstances does Fix dispatch the arrest warrant in Around the World in Eighty Days?

Quick answer:

Fix, a detective, dispatches the arrest warrant to London under the following circumstances: when Fogg arrives in Bombay fitting the general description of the bank robber who stole 55,000 pounds and comes to the consular office to have his passport stamped, Fix jumps to the false conclusion that Fogg must be the criminal in question.

Expert Answers

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The detective Fix, as explained in chapter 6, suspects that a British bank robber who stole 55,000 pounds is traveling from Suez to Bombay on the steamer the Mongolia. Fix is awaiting the arrival of the Mongolia in Bombay, looking for a man who fits the description he has been given of the robber. Fix feels certain the criminal is on this ship.

Fogg happens to be traveling around the world on the Mongolia at this point, and he fits the very general description Fix has of the robber. Fix is also certain that the robber will bring his passport to the consulate to be stamped, even though at this time, passports were unnecessary to cross national borders. Fix thinks that the criminal will try to prove he is legitimately in India by showing the passport.

Fogg comes to the consular office to have his passport stamped, as he wants to document his trip so that he can win the bet. Because of this act, Fogg innocently convinces Fix, who is anxious for the reward money for capturing the criminal, that he must be the bank robber.

Therefore, Fix sends a telegram to London that says,

I've found the bank robber, Phileas Fogg. Send without delay warrant of arrest to Bombay.

FIX, Detective.

This convinces the public that Fogg must be the bank robber and that he is using the around-the-world trip as a pretext to cover up his crime.

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