abstract illustration of two people journeying around the world on trains, boats, and hot air balloons

Around the World in Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

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List three adjectives that describe Phileas Fogg's personality.

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Resourceful: Phileas Fogg doesn't let unexpected obstacles deter him. For example, when the railroad tracks all of a sudden end in India before he gets to his destination, Fogg buys an elephant and hires a guide to take him and his party the rest of the way. Likewise, he buys, pilots, and even burns part of the Henrietta for fuel to get back to London on time to win the bet.

Honorable: Seeing that Aouda, the Indian widow, has been drugged, and thus is not going willingly to the funeral pyre, Fogg risks himself to save her from death, because it is the right thing to do. When he takes her back to England and finds out she is in love with him, he again does the right thing by marrying her.

Surprising: Fogg's new valet Passepartout expects his new employer to be as regular and unexciting as he always has been, only to find the seemingly unchangeable and unassuming Fogg has placed a bet that he can circle the globe in eighty days. This kind of wild adventure is the last thing most people would have expected of Fogg.

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Eccentric. Well, you'd certainly have to be to even think about embarking on such an intrepid journey. The thing about Phileas Fogg is that he isn't even interested in the very substantial money he'll receive if the wins the bet. For him, what matters most of all is the challenge of doing something strange and unusual that no one else would ever think of doing.

Brave. Bravery is a very important quality for an intrepid explorer, and Phileas Fogg has plenty to spare. During his epic journey he saves the Indian princess Aouda from being ritually burned to death after her husband passes away. Fogg and Passepartout risk their lives to save the princess, as their actions are considered sacrilegious by the local population.

Tireless. It doesn't matter how hard things get, Phileas Fogg never gives up. The odds are stacked against him from the outset, but he keeps on going, using whatever means necessary, whatever modes of transport, to help him achieve his goal.

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