abstract illustration of two people journeying around the world on trains, boats, and hot air balloons

Around the World in Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

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Describe the Rajah's funeral in Around the World in Eighty Days.

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The Rajah's funeral is quite a grand affair, as we might expect of someone who was such an important person in life. Unfortunately, it's also a potentially tragic occasion for his widow, Princess Aouda, who's about to be chucked on her late husband's funeral pyre in accordance with traditional Hindu custom.

When Phileas Fogg hears about this, he's absolutely disgusted at such a barbaric practice and resolves to step into the breach and save the young princess from the flames. However, that's easier said that done; Aouda is under guard and Fogg's attempts to free her by digging a tunnel come to nothing.

Thankfully, Passepartout is on hand to save the day. He disguises himself as the Rajah and switches places with his body. Just before the funeral pyre's due to be set alight, Passepartout slowly rises up before the assembled crowd, who are immediately terrified at what they perceive as the Rajah's coming back to life. In the ensuing confusion, Fogg whisks Aouda away to safety and the epic journey can continue.

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