Around the World in Eighty Days Analysis

Jules Verne

Literary Techniques

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Since speed is of the essence in this novel, Verne faced the problem of quickly, yet convincingly describing a vast array of settings,...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

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Verne's travel saga about two men circling the globe in order to prove that modern technology allowed them to do so in record time has never...

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Social Concerns

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To the late-twentieth-century reader, the idea of traveling around the world in eighty days is not astonishing. Nevertheless, Around the...

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Literary Precedents

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Around the World in Eighty Days is the ultimate travelogue. Many writers have used the journey as a metaphor for life, but the actual...

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Related Titles

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Travel for its own sake seems to have fascinated Verne. In Keraban the Inflexible (1883), the Turkish hero is so angry at having to...

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The earliest adaptation of Around the World in Eighty Days was provided by Verne himself. He wrote a lavish stage production of his...

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