Arkadii (Natanovich) Strugatskii Stanislaw Lem - Essay

Stanislaw Lem

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Strugatskys and I both started with a tone of "happy futuristic optimism" and gradually arrived at a darker vision of things…. My pessimism (which, by the way, is far from absolute) originated with my despair in the lack of perfection to be found in human nature; the Strugatskys' on the other hand was a rather social type of despair…. [The Strugatskys] have tried very hard to turn their books into a kind of instrument of righteousness. I can even perceive a positive correlation between the very weakness of some of their titles and their stated intention of socially improving the "state of affairs" (The Ugly Swans, seen by them as an act of defiance and rehabilitation, attempts to present in a favourable...

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