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1. Sonia Slanek discovers an old silent movie, Roses in Ruin, starring Madame Malevich in her youth. What appears to be the plot of the movie? What attitude toward rape is portrayed? Find other examples of the rape theme in literature, art, or movies.

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2. Research the crime of rape in American society: its legal implications, statistics about its frequency, the age and status of victims and rapists, and societal attitudes towards the victim and the criminal. Does Peck's novel portray a "typical" situation?

3. Read "The Problem Novel" by Sheila Egoff in Only Connect: Readings on Children's Literature. Discuss Peck's Are You in the House Alone? as a problem novel.

4. Choose another of Peck's works from the following list and discuss it as a literary work and as a "problem novel": Don't Look and It Won't Hurt; Representing Super Doll, Father Figure; Close Enough to Touch; Remembering the Good Times.

5. Richard Peck wrote this novel to make young adults aware that rape victims are frequently treated as if they were more guilty than the rapist. Describe the treatment Gail receives from the police chief, the nurses and doctors, the lawyer, her parents, Alison, Steve, Mrs. Montgomery, and Madame Malevich. Which characters most clearly express the author's conviction about the legal and social systems and their treatment of rape victims?

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