Aratus Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


Barnholth, William I. Aratos's Phaenomena, in Iambic Verse, translated by William I. Barnholth, Akron, Ohio: n.p., 1958, 19 p.

Privately printed translation of the Phaenomena in verse, preceded by a brief introduction.

Beede, Grace Lucile. Vergil and Aratus: A Study in the Art of Translation, Chicago: The University of Chicago Libraries, 1936, 90 p.

Comparative analysis of the Virgilian Georgics and Aratus's Phaenomena, its partial source-text.

Boyd, Barbara Weiden. “Celabitur Auctor: The Crisis of Authority and Narrative Patterning in Ovid...

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