Araby Lesson Plans
by James Joyce

Araby book cover
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  • Araby eNotes Teaching Guide

    So you’re going to teach James Joyce's "Araby," a classic short story that has been a mainstay in English classrooms for generations. Whether it’s the first or hundredth time you escort students through the text, we've provided some teaching tips to help ensure that the experience is rewarding for everyone,...

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  • Araby eNotes Reading Response Prompts

    “Araby” is written in the retrospective point of view as an adult narrator recalls himself as a boy growing up in Dublin, Ireland, in the early 1900s. How does the narrator describe the house where he lived and the neighborhood where he played? What are some details that suggest the setting of the...

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  • Araby Metaphor Activity

    This activity gives students an opportunity to practice examining and analyzing metaphors. Metaphors express images, emotions, actions, experiences, and nuances through direct and indirect comparisons, allowing readers to access deeper levels of meaning in the text. In this activity, students will classify and analyze different kinds of metaphors in order...

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