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Here are some quotes from The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz:

  • "On the threat of a week's suspension from school Dingleman confessed that he had won all the cards playing nearest-to-the-wall with the other boys in the toilet, and so the system ended" (4). The teacher, Mr. MacPherson, recalls a merit-based system he had set up years ago. A former student, the legendary Dingleman, set up a scam in which he won the merit-based cards that MacPerson distributed to students for good work. Mr. MacPherson is an anti-Semite who does not like his Jewish students and finds them apt to cheat, like Dingleman. The students, however, worship figures like Dingleman.
  • "For Duddy had never forgotten that his grandfather had said, 'A man without land is nobody.' Duddy wanted to be somebody. Another Boy Wonder. Not a loser, certainly" (65). Duddy is motivated by his grandfather's words to become successful, and he equates success with buying land. His grandfather's words motivate him to buy up land to start a resort in the Laurentian Mountains.
  • "Duddy's heart began to pound. Yvette was undressing him, she bit his neck, but Duddy hardly noticed. He stepped absently out of his trousers. Before him spread a still blue lake and on the other side a forest of pine trees" (106). Even while Yvette and Duddy are making love, Duddy can only concentrate on the land before him. When he sees the lake, he begins to think of his grandfather's advice to buy land. He is more motivated by the desire to be successful than the desire to find love.
  • "It's their fault, he thought, they wouldn't help me, they're forcing me into it" (362). Duddy believes that he is forced into forging Virgil's check to buy the land he wants. He takes no responsibility for the illegal and immoral actions he is taking but feels that it is the fault of others.