Al Grecco

While he is not part of the privileged social circle surrounding the English family, Al is an important character in the book, with a long background section dedicated to his past in chapter 2 and appearances in most of the other chapters. He is twenty-six and has worked as Ed Charney’s right-hand man for four years, helping him run his bootlegging operations. A native of Gibbsville born to Italian parents, Al Grecco’s real name is Anthony Joseph Marascho. After living a life of crime and ending up in jail, he became a prize fighter and acquired his nickname when a journalist described his movements as comparable to the beauty and grace of El Grecco’s art.

Al Grecco is not fond of the upper class people that he serves as part of his job. He doesn’t feel intimidated by them either. “Merry Christmas, you stuck up bastards,” he yells as he drives by Lantenengo Street one night. He appreciates folks like Lute Fliegler, who is a “square shooter” in Al’s mind. He is guided by his instincts and keen ability to observe people.

Al is extremely wealthy for his young age, having amassed a fortune of approximately thirty-six thousand dollars.