Julian McHenry English

The thirty-year-old protagonist of the book, Julian runs the local dealership and belongs to Gibbsville’s most privileged class. A heavy drinker with impulsive behavior, Julian embarks on a journey of self-destruction.

Caroline Walker English

Caroline is Julian’s thirty-one-year-old wife. The elite of Gibbsville hold her in high regard. Though she loves her husband, she worries about losing the comfort of her social status as a result of his irresponsible behavior.

Harry Reilly

Harry is an Irish Catholic who has lots of money and is perceived as a social climber by Julian and others from the Gibbsville elite.

Al Grecco

Al is a right-hand man to Ed Charney, the local bootlegger. He delivers illegal booze to the rich and keeps an eye on Ed’s mistress.

Dr. William Dilworth English

Also known as William or Billy, Dr. English is Julian’s father. A successful physician, Dr. English spent his life trying to make up for the fact that his father embezzled some bank funds and later committed suicide. His family is one of the oldest in Gibbsville: “He was of Revolutionary stock.”

Mrs. Elizabeth McHenry English

Mrs. English is Julian’s mother and Dr. English’s...

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