(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Justin Westwood, though only thirty-seven, has retreated into himself and the Scotch bottle since his wife and daughter were murdered by hoods. Once a fearless, resourceful big-city detective, he is now content to hand out parking tickets in East End Harbor, a tiny Long Island town where nothing is ever supposed to happen. When Susanna Morgan, a local reporter, is murdered by Gordon and Wendell Touay, hit-men who happen to be identical twins, Justin’s instincts tell him her death was not the accident it was staged to look like.

Justin discovers there was a terrified witness to the crime. She is a beautiful yoga instructor named Deena Harper. Justin knows she and her eight-year-old daughter are in mortal danger when her identity is leaked to the media. He and the spunky Deena team up in the investigation of a string of murders that seem intended to silence everyone who knows anything about Bill Miller, who was apparently 114 years old at the time he was murdered by persons unknown.

Justin and Deena are caught in the clandestine warfare between two powerful interests: an international pharmaceutical giant determined to make mega-billions selling a drug that extends life, and the American government which would go bankrupt providing Social Security and Medicare for a mushrooming constituency who refused to die. Both sides are willing to commit any number of atrocities to win.

Author Russell Andrews is a polished professional who also writes under the name of Peter Gethers. Although Justin and Deena predictably fall in love, Andrews ends his hard-boiled, action- packed yarn in a way no reader could possibly foresee.