Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You Summary

Laurie Lynn Drummond

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The common denominator of Laurie Lynn Drummond’s stories is that all involve women trying, successfully or unsuccessfully, to prove themselves in what has traditionally been considered a man’s world.

Katherine stands out. She has done the one thing most male cops dread doing and have never yet been forced to do: she has killed an assailant with her service revolver at point-blank range. Liz, recuperating from a car accident, remembers every murder, suicide, and other fatality in which she was professionally involved. Like her creator, she is considering leaving the force and getting a university degree. Mona is a burned-out cop under added pressure in her personal life. Her husband, also a police officer, calls her a bad mother, a bad wife, and a bad cop, while their young daughter is traumatized by her parents’ escalating conflict. Cathy, who works in Victims Services, tries to calm a woman with a knife still embedded in her ribs. Sarah flees to New Mexico and becomes a UPS driver after participating with a group of policewomen in an unpardonable atrocity.

Laurie Lynn Drummond worked in law enforcement for eight years and then became an assistant professor at St. Edward’s University. Her stories are all interesting, although her tendency to wax poetic in tense situations sometimes makes her tough-but-sensitive heroines sound more like academicians than cops.