Antonio Vallejo Buero Criticism: La Doble Historia Del Doctor Valmy - Essay

Criticism: La Doble Historia Del Doctor Valmy

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Pennington, Eric. “La doble historia del Doctor Valmy: A View from the Feminine.” Symposium XL, no. 2 (summer 1986): 131-39.

[In the following essay, Pennington provides an interpretation of La doble historia del Doctor Valmy from a feminist perspective, perceiving the play as a scathing indictment of a repressive patriarchy.]

Antonio Buero Vallejo's La doble historia del doctor Valmy (1964) brings to the stage the difficult issue of political torture. Daniel Barnes, the protagonist, works as a member of a security police force in the fictional country Surelia, and as part of his profession regularly utilizes physical torture as a means...

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