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What request does Sasha make of Ivan at the end of "A Problem"?

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Sasha demands that his shocked and disbelieving uncle Ivan Markovitch give him a hundred rubles. He asks this despite the fact that Ivan has just managed to convince Sasha's relatives to pay off the young man's large debts. Ivan's been made to look like a total fool by Sasha. He went out on a limb for his errant nephew, and this is how he's been repaid. Ivan genuinely believed that treating Sasha with kindness and compassion was the best way to help him out of his financial difficulties. But Sasha's thrown all that care and all that support right back in his uncle's face. This is not just a serial criminal we're dealing with here, but an amoral sociopath, who thinks nothing of manipulating other people to get what he wants.

As he takes leave of his uncle, Sasha's only concern is with his own needs. He doesn't want to look embarrassed in front of his friends, so he needs to get hold of some cash and quickly. In his eyes, Uncle Ivan has already shown himself to be a soft touch, so being the amoral crook that he is, Sasha has no hesitation in taking advantage of the old man's good nature and essentially demanding money with menaces.

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The request made at the end of Chekhov's "A Problem" is truly an upsetting ending to the story. Sasha asks (or a more proper word would be "forces") Ivan to give him the hundred rubles, proving that Sasha was a criminal all along. 

When Sasha originally cashes a false promissory note and is caught, the family (including Ivan, the uncle) are discussing whether to have Sasha take the punishment or simply clear his name by paying the money. Ivan convinces the family to simply pay it for Sasha, so he can begin again with a clean slate. It is when Ivan tells Sasha this good news that Sasha makes this "request," demanding the hundred rubles from Ivan. Sasha ends the story by saying, "Now I see that I am a criminal; yes, I am a criminal."

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