Anton Chekhov Other Literary Forms

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)
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Within the ten-volume edition of his works published in 1901, Anton Chekhov included 240 of the hundreds of stories he had written for dozens of newspapers and magazines. Many of these stories were collected and published in hardcover form as Chekhov progressed in his career: Pystrye rasskazy (1886; motley stories), Nevinnye rechi (1887; innocent tales), V sumerkakh (1887; in the twilight), and Rasskazy (1888; stories). Some of his most famous stories are “Gore” (“Sorrow”), “Toska” (“Misery”), “Step’” (“The Steppe”), “Skuchnaya isoriya” (“A Dreary Story”), “Palata No. 6” (“Ward No. 6”), “Chorny monakh” (“The Black Monk”), “Tri goda” (“Three Years”), “Muzhiki” (“Peasants”), “Kryzhovnik” (“Gooseberries”), “Dushechka” (“The Darling”), “Dama s sobachkoi” (“The Lady with the Dog”), and “Nevesta” (“The Betrothed”). In addition, Chekhov wrote a work of reportage on conditions on the island penal colony of Sakhalin: Ostrov Sakhalin (1893-1894).