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Lovel (Major Neville)

Lovel Major Neville), a wealthy young man of undetermined background who is forced to fight a duel and then go into hiding because he thinks he has mortally wounded his opponent. By a stroke of luck, he overhears a conversation that helps him act to save the fortune of the nobleman whose daughter, Isabella, he wishes to marry. Because of his uncertain parentage, she gives him no encouragement. Eventually, however, he is proved to be an aristocrat. His proper background established, he and Isabella are married.

Edie Ochiltree

Edie Ochiltree, a beggar and Lovel’s friend. Ochiltree is instrumental in helping Lovel save Sir Arthur from financial ruin. Ochiltree leads Sir Arthur to a cave on his property where Lovel, supposedly abroad, has hidden a chest of money. When Ochiltree “discovers” the money, the aristocrat’s financial troubles are ended.

Jonathan Oldbuck of Monkbarns

Jonathan Oldbuck of Monkbarns, an antiquarian and a friend of Lovel and Sir Arthur. It is through his good offices that Sir Arthur discovers the chest of money in the cave and Lovel and Isabella finally can marry.


Dousterswivel, a charlatan who extorts money from innocent people; in return for a fee, he promises to find minerals or treasure, for example, on their property. Dousterswivel meets his match in Ochiltree, for the latter embarrasses him and also gives him a good scare.

The earl of Glenallan

The earl of Glenallan, who is told by a spiteful mother that his wife is his sister. Thus, when his wife bears a son, he is distraught. The boy’s mother takes her own life. It is learned that the baby, whisked away by a servant, is actually Lovel, whose benefactor had been the earl’s brother.

Captain Hector M’Intyre

Captain Hector M’Intyre, Oldbuck’s nephew, who forces Lovel to duel. Because Lovel thinks he has killed Hector, he goes into hiding. Hector recovers, but Lovel does not learn the truth until much later.

Sir Arthur Wardour

Sir Arthur Wardour, a nobleman whose daughter is loved by Lovel. Restored to financial security by Lovel’s efforts, Sir Arthur blesses the marriage of Isabella and Lovel.

Miss Isabella Wardour

Miss Isabella Wardour, Sir Arthur’s daughter, who eventually becomes Lovel’s wife.

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